It was serendipitous that I started taking pictures at Filoli garden in the spring of 2009 with a borrowed camera.  Since then I have been constantly amazed by this world of light and shade, color and tones, lines and shapes.   Every week I would find a subject or place to take pictures.  More often than not, I gravitated towards gardens or nature for those intimate encounters with flowers.  The color, texture and patterns in the world of flowers are the most vibrant, sensuous and creative expression.  I realized that there is such a mysterious world that we don’t see if we do not pause and look further.

This has become a metaphor for my spiritual journey to find the inner peace and stillness within.  I learn to take pauses to be in each moment of the world I am in and discover the beauty within.  I create this blog to share with you my discovery about flowers, travel, food, cooking, culture, life, love, relationships, consciousness, creativity and more.

It is my sincere hope that something in these posts will surpise and refresh you, will make you pause, will help you live, love and discover the world within.

Rachel Chang


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